February 2023 Update

Your PRESENCE is greater than the Promise!

Hello dearest people!

It’s about time for another update about what has been happening. Last video I sent out, I was scheduled to had back to Latvia in February. But as I slowed down and communed with the Holy Spirit, I knew there were a few things I needed to take care of before I went back. I listened to this video and it sums up everything pretty well. 

“Resumes tell you where I’ve been. But you cannot define my life based on studying where I’ve been. If you want to understand me, study where He’s leading me. My requirement as his baby boy (girl in my case 😉 ) is, Where I go son, you go. The best thing about every place you will ever go in your life is that I am there. So I do not even care if you don’t talk about the place, you can talk about the PILLAR that was in the place. That’s Exodus 33. When the Promised Land becomes less important to you than His presence, you say things like, “Don’t even ask me to go to the land of the promise if your presence won’t be there.” My resume may tell you where I’ve been, but the best parts of my story is a HIM.”

When I heard this little TikTok video, it hit me. This is the season Jesus has me in. Yes, God has asked me to cross the Jordan River in my life. Yes, God is teaching me to walk in the Promised Land. Yes, I believe God will use me to help lead others. Yes, I know that God is leading me back to the beautiful little country of Latvia. 🙂  But this moment, this season, is living out, Your PRESENCE is greater than the Promise! Jesus has me in a season where He is planting me in Him. He’s wooing my heart all over again and helping me see that my life is clearly not defined by my “resume” but only defined by Him. As I’ve been working through my past with my therapist and Jesus, we’ve exposed and dug up many, many skewed perceptions I’ve lived with about myself and others for most of my life. For where God is taking me, I must throw off everything that hinders me to run my race. The labels once used to define me, need to be replaced with the labels my Father puts on me. It’s a beautiful place. It’s a hard place. But like any season that brings about growth and change, it is always worth it! 

I don’t have an “official” leave date yet, but together with some leaders in my life, we are praying through it. We don’t want to rush what God is doing and yet, we don’t want to delay. God’s timing is perfect timing, even if we don’t understand it completely. 

Thank you for being a part of the team! Your prayers are coveted and appreciated! I am where I am in my life because I have incredible prayer warriors who fight in prayer on my behalf even when I don’t know it! I look forward to where God is taking me on this journey and can’t wait to see all the amazing things Jesus will do in my heart and with my life!